The depopulation in Castilla and León: innovative public policies to guarantee the future of youth in rural areas

José Luis Domínguez Álvarez
Personal Investigador en Formación, Universidad de Salamanca;
DOI: 10.22400/cij.6.e028

The economic development experienced in our country in recent years has increased the inequality between urban and rural regions resulting in major imbalances which require, once and for all, the coordinated action of the different Public Administrations. Depopulation hence becomes a real State problem, which requires the implementation of innovative government policies aimed to boost the local economy, providing quality basic social services to rural areas, guaranteeing local autonomy and developing new initiatives, encouraging population to fix population in the rural environment. In short, measures allowing the achievement of a sustainable territorial management model.

Depopulation, Public administrations, Public politics, Youth
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