A small step forward in the promotion and dissemination of research in the field of youth studies

Vicente Álvarez García
Catedrático de Derecho Administrativo, Universidad de Extremadura
DOI: 10.22400/cij.5.e022

The Council of Youth of Extremadura together with a group of university professors from broadly varied origins launched the magazine “Cuadernos de Investigación en Juventud” (Research Bulletins/Notebooks on Youth) in the summer of 2016. Two years after the birth of this initiative, a new editorial collection named “Estudios sobre Juventud” (Studies on Youth) began its journey in July, 2018. This collection is once again the fruit of collaborations between the academic world and youth organizations. It begins with the nearly simultaneous publication of two volumes: the first of which sees the light under the title “The Historical-Juridical Vicissitudes of the Council of Youth of Spain (From the law that saw its creation to the CORA Report)” “Las vicisitudes histórico-jurídicas del Consejo de la Juventud de España (Desde su Ley de creación hasta el Informe CORA)”, and the second is titled the “Organized Youth Participation and Administrative Rationalization (The Current Complex Legal Situation of the Council of Youth of Spain)” “Participación juvenil organizada y racionalización administrativa (La compleja situación jurídica actual del Consejo de la Juventud de España)”. This introductory paper aims to explain the role that both publishing initiatives serve towards the promotion and dissemination of research that focuses on the world of youth at present.

Research, Science, Youth research, Youth studies, Youth realities, Academic publications
Recibido ǀ Received ǀ Recebido  21/06/2018,  Aceptado ǀ Accepted ǀ Aceito  18/07/2018,  Publicado ǀ Available ǀ Publicação  31/07/2018 
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