Motivations of young people for the study: roots and consequences

PhD Mario Corrales Serrano a, PhD Jesús Sánchez Martín b, PhD José Moreno Losada c, PhD Francisco Zamora Polo d
a Colegio Santa María Assumpta, Badajoz, b Universidad de Extremadura, c Universidad de Extremadura, d Universidad de Extremadura
DOI: 10.22400/cij.4.e020

One of the most important decisions that students take in their academic life is the choice among the different modalities of study carried out in different moments of their educational stage in Secondary Education. This election has special importance at High School courses, when students begin to shape their university and professional future. Very different factors influence at this decision making. Statistics on study modality choices at High School stage show an imbalance in preferences, with the Science modality being the most chosen. The innovation group “University Teaching Staff Ethics” is carrying out some research in the analysis of this situation, factors affecting it, and consequences it has for young people, their career aspirations, the construction of our society, and the relationship existing among studies, person and society.

humanities, social sciences, motivation, high school, teaching
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