The protection of youth and children as a limit to the right to information

PhD Ana Lucas Tobajas
Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Extremadura
DOI: 10.22400/cij.4.e019

The Information Society in which we are immersed has meant an unprecedented extension of the contours of the Fundamental Right to Information contained in Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution. Along with this recognition, a set of limits related to the requirement of transmitting truthful information, the right to honour, to privacy, to one’s own image or to the protection of children and youth were included in the constitutional text. In relation to the latest, the legislator has sought to warn about the special vulnerability of a group of subjects in the effective exercise of the Fundamental Right referred above. However, the wording and interpretation of this precept reveals an indeterminacy both with respect to the subjects whose benefit the restriction is to be applied for and with regard to the object of protection itself.

Youth, right to information, protection of youth, childhood, best interest of the child
Recibido / Received / Recebido  21/11/2017,  Aceptado / Accepted / Aceito  18/12/2017,  Publicado / Available / Publicação  31/07/2017 
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