Homoerotism and youth in the Palatine Anthology

PhD. Ramiro González Delgado
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Extremadura, rgondel@unex.es
DOI: 10.22400/cij.4.e018

The aim of this paper is to show and to analyse the image of youth given by Book XII of the Palatine Anthology, whose subject-matter is homoerotic and ironic, and its representation of the young is created by desirable adolescent ephebes. Thanks to literary resources and clichés, different topics will be studied, such as the ideal age, beauty, exhortation to the enjoyment of youth before it ends (when the hair grows up and the dreaded beard starts to come out), or prostitution.

homoerotism, youth, ephebes, Palatine Anthology, Epigram
Recibido / Received / Recebido  15/11/2017,  Aceptado / Accepted / Aceito  12/12/2017,  Publicado / Available / Publicação  31/01/2018 
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